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  It is very important to check the dry powder fire extinguishing equipment regularly in the fire fighting equipment inspection

  月jian杝i谌?1.jianxiangmu及周期 xialiexiangmuzhi少每月jian查1次。?干fen储存装置部jian。?驱动qi体储ping充装量。?2.jian杝i谌 jian查干fen储存装置部jian是fu觴in鲎不蚧祒ing损伤,防护涂层是fu完好;铭牌、biao志、铅feng应完好。 dui二氧化碳驱动qi体储pingzhu个进行称重jian。


  The following items shall be checked at least once a month. Components of dry powder storage device. Drive gas bottle filling capacity. 2. Inspection contents: check whether there is collision or mechanical damage to parts of dry powder storage device and whether the protective coating is intact; Nameplates, marks and seals shall be intact. Weighing and checking the carbon dioxide driven gas storage bottles one by one.

  季jiande内容和要求 通guo试验faduibeng组式xi统进行1次fang水试验,jian查beng组启动、主备beng切换及报警联动功能是fuzheng常。 jianping组式xi统de控謕inФ魇莊uzheng常。 jian查guan道和支、吊架是fu松动,guan道连接jian是fu变形、lao化或有lie纹等现xiang。

  Contents and requirements of the quarterly inspection: conduct a water discharge test on the pump group system through the test valve to check whether the pump group starts, the switch between the main and standby pumps and the alarm linkage function are normal. Check whether the control valve of the bottle assembly system operates normally. Check whether the pipe and support, hanger is loose, whether the pipe connection deformation, aging or crack phenomenon.

  (2)年jiande内容和要求 定期测定1次xi统水詂hui墓┧躭i。 duixi统组jian、guan道及guanjian进行1次quan面jian查,清洗储水箱、guo滤器,并dui控謕inoudeguan道进行chuisao。 储水箱每半年换水一次,储水容器内de水按产pin制造商de要求定期更换。 进行xi统模拟联动功能试验,试验内容与要求详jiandisi节di三部分。biao准要求二氧化碳万博体育网站器每年zhi少jian查一次,低于额定充装量de95%就应进行jian修。 you于shiyou化工设备及受压容器,在温度应li、交变应li、jie质强烈腐蔯hui榷窳犹鮦iande作yongxia,容易chu现泄漏,造成火灾和中du事gu。

  (2) contents and requirements of annual inspection: regularly determine the water supply capacity of system water source once. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the system components, pipes and fittings, clean the water storage tank and filter, and purge the pipes behind the control valve. The water in the storage tank shall be changed every six months, and the water in the storage tank shall be changed periodically according to the requirements of the manufacturer. Carry out the system simulation linkage function test. See the third part of the fourth section for the test content and requirements. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are required to be checked at least once a year. Maintenance should be carried out when they are less than 95% of the rated filling capacity. Due to the petrochemical equipment and pressure vessels, in the temperature stress, alternating stress, medium strong corrosion and other adverse conditions, easy to leak, resulting in fire and poisoning accidents

  所襶u磕甓家鞒檠缴耍匾猻hi,huai要做100%dejian查。 在不ying响古建筑外部结构de前提xia,高大de古建筑物shang应视地形地物xu要,安装避雷设施,并在每年雷雨季之前进行测试维修,保证完好有效。

  Therefore, every year to do a sampling inspection, when necessary, but also to do 100 percent of the inspection. On the premise of not affecting the external structure of ancient buildings, tall ancient buildings should be installed lightning protection facilities according to the needs of terrain and objects, and the test and maintenance should be carried out before the annual thunderstorm season to ensure good condition and effectiveness.

  (3)模拟启动jian。 2.jian杝i谌 防护区deshusan通道、shusan指示biao志和应急照明装置、防护区内和入口处de声光报警装置、入口处de安quanbiao志及干fen万博体育网站剂喷fang指示门灯、无chuang或固定chuangshande地shang防护区和地xia防护区de排qi装置和门chuang设有密feng条de防护区de泄压装置。储存装装置间dewei置、通道、耐火等级、应急照明装置及地xia储存装置间机械排feng装置。 guan网,支架及喷fang组jian 干fen储存容器deshu量、型号和规格,wei置与固定fang式,you漆和biao志,干fen充装量,以及干fen储存容器de安装质量。 集流guan、驱动qi体guan道和减压fade规格、连接fang式、布置及其安quan防护装置de泄压fangxiang。

  (3) simulate startup check. 2. Review the content protection the evacuation passageway and evacuation instructions signs and emergency lighting devices, protective zone and the acousto-optic alarm device, the safety sign at the entrance at the entrance and dry powder discharge indicator lamp door, no window sash or fixed protection zone of the ground and underground protective of the doors and Windows with sealing strip and exhaust pressure relief device of protection zone. Location, passageway, fire resistance rating, emergency lighting and mechanical ventilation between storage and installation. Quantity, type and specification of dry powder storage containers for pipe networks, supports and spraying components, position and fixing method, paint and marking, dry powder filling amount, and installation quality of dry powder storage containers. Specification, connection, arrangement and direction of pressure relief of collector pipe, driving gas pipe and pressure reducing valve.

  ?选择fa及xin号反馈装置deshu量、型号、规格、wei罝、biao志及其安装质量。 fa驱动装置deshu量、型号、规格和biao志,安装wei罝,qi动fa驱动装置中启动qi体储pingdejie质名称和充装压li,以及启动qi体guan道de规格、布置和连接fang式。 guan道de布罝与连接fang式、支架和支吊架dewei罝及间距、穿guo建筑构jian及其变形缝de处li、各guanduan和附jiande型号规格以及防腐处li和you漆颜色; 喷头deshu量、型号、规格、安装wei置和fangxiang。 万博体育网站控制器及手动、自动转换开关,手动启动、停止按钮,喷fang指示灯、声光报警装置等联动设备de设置。

  Select valve and signal feedback device quantity, model, specification, location, logo and installation quality. The e number, model, specification and logo of valve drive device, installation location, medium name and filling pressure of starting gas storage bottle in pneumatic valve drive device, as well as the specification, layout and connection mode of starting gas pipeline. Piping layout and connection, support and hanger position and spacing, through the building components and deformation joints of the treatment, the pipe section and accessories of the model specifications as well as anti-corrosion treatment and paint color; The number, model, specification, installation position and direction of sprinkler head. Setting of fire extinguishing controller, manual and automatic switch, manual start and stop buttons, sprinkling indicator light, sound-light alarm device and other linkage equipment.